About me

Who am I?

I’m Benjamin C and I’m a medical speech (and swallow) therapist working in an acute metropolitan hospital in Singapore (South East Asia). I assess and treat communication and swallowing difficulties.

What do I do?

Besides my clinical duties, I’m the department’s rep for data related matters and insights.

I have

Currently, I am

  • advising the Assistant Director of the Department of Care / Coordination / Telecare / Specialty Nursing on the feasibility of time motion analysis for her department.
  • scoping and reviewing the adoption of Tableau dashboards for the department.

What do I use?

My work is primarily done in R. Nonetheless, I have worked with Python, Qliksense, Tibco, Tableau, DataRobot.

What is the site about?

This site is a combination of blogs to consolidate my data science learning journey and some projects related to the medical field.