`R` you ready for python (gentle introduction to reticulate package)'

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Just like how Thanos claimed to be inevitable in The Avengers, the direct or indirect use of python has become inevitable for R users in recent years. Fret not R users, you don’t have to abandon your favourite IDE, Rstudio, when using python. With the reticulate package you can use python in Rstudio and even have a mixture of R and python code running in the same session. If you blog with blogdown, you don’t have to migrate to another platform to write about your python projects.

Adding Syntax Highlight

Syntax highlighting Previously, I posted entries without any syntax highlighting as I was satisfied using basic blogdown and Hugo functions until a Disqus member commented in the previous post to use syntax highlighting. Thus, I tasked myself to learn more about syntax highlighting and to implement them in future posts. Now I’d like to share what I’ve learned. There are various ways to highlight syntax in Hugo but the preferred approach for blogdown is to use Highlight.

How I set up my first website (again)

Rebirth A week ago, I created my first website using Hugo template, Tufte. Initially, I was eagar to write my posts using Tufte style but I had severeal difficulties with the template. Firstly, I could not display full RSS feeds. Having a website with full RSS feeds is a prerequisite to be on r-bloggers. Secondly, the tags did not work. When I was searching for Hugo themes used by websites created via blogdown, I noticed lots of individuals using the Academic theme.